Brent Luck


A Voice for Tomorrow

As a prophet of God I have been called to speak, sing, decree, declare, humm and use whatever means possible to decree the heart of God not just to the world but to the atmosphere.

"Expect the unthinkable, believe for the impossible, touch the invisible and see people move out of the natural , into the supernatural." This is the heartbeat and passion of Brent's calling. To see Gods people move out of limitation and into freedom and embrace the apostolic, prophetic and revolutionary mindset of the kingdom. Seeing Gods people brought into wholeness to "knowing and demonstrating" their true destiny. Brent declares and sings the transforming power of God. "His desire is to see Gods people “the church” move beyond the natural and truly enter into the realm and dimension of the supernatural.”

Decree Your Today

Decree Today You and I will never truly rule our world until we learn the force of our words. He rules through His words and so should we! We step into the power and authority of our kingly dimension to execute the desires of God on the earth! We use our decrees to legislate and release the power and glory of God on the earth! So Let us step into a deeper place of "let there be" and co-create the design and plan God has for us!

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